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Step 1: Set Up Your Hoplink (In case you don't have one already)

Use hoplink

Replace 'YourClickbankID' with your Clickbank Affiliate ID. If you don't have one, please go to this link to create one.

Ideally, you'll want to promote using more mediums.

However, it's very important to be able to see what does and doesn't work...and the only way to do that is by tracking each traffic source individually...

That's why Clickbank has a special built-in tool: the "Tracking Id"

At the end of your link, you will just need to insert /?tid=trackid, where trackid can be anything you want.

For example:

http:// YourClickbankID
http:// YourClickbankID
http:// YourClickbankID
http:// YourClickbankID

In your Clickbank account, you will be able to see how many sales you got through each of the tracking ids. It's a great tool... simple but very powerful.


Step 2: Discover More About Your Prospects...

It's vital to know all the information about the person you're trying to sell. Here is some inportant information about the buyers of

From our surveys resulted the following:

- more than 60% of players are experienced. They have more than 10 years background with the lotto game. They are loyal and fanatical players of the game.

Their biggest frustration is that the it's near impossible to win...They are put off by systems that are too complicated and almost impossible to implement. They dream about winning big and hitting the jack pot… If they were to win, they would pay all their bills, mortgages and take the vacation of their dreams.

In the current financial crisis, more and more people have concluded that their only chance to survive is to win the lottery. That puts you as an affiliate in a good spot.

Also, you can visit this website for more data:

Step 3
: Tools that you can use in your promotion.

On you'll discover:

- link building tools
- keyword research tools
- learning resources
- content creation tools
- on page optimization tools
- advanced SEO (search engine optimization)
- social media marketing
-crawling and indexing issues

...and it's everything on this page:

Of course, maybe you don't need them all...but it's a good idea to have this link bookmarked. It will make your live a lot easier by having it as a quick reference.

Step 4 : Banners

- these banners are tested. They will bring you a good return.
- each banner has below the html code so you can paste it easily on your site. Also, the html code contains your hoplink, the one you introduced on the previous page before arriving on this page.
- for customized banners, creatives you can always contact us at:

1) 300 X 250


2) 600 X 500

3) 120 X 600




4) 468 X 60




5) 486 x 60

6) 728 X 90


7) 180 x 150



Banners for mobile phone promotion:

1) 120 x 20

2) 168 x 28

3) 216 x 36

4) 300 x 50

160 x 600


Step #4: The $60 k Broadcast Sequence...

I'm going to allow you to download my personal email secquence that generated almost $60,000 in less than a month. The emails were sent to about 30k people and got 12,183 clicks...and 567 sales ($96.83/sale). I banked all the money because it was my lists...but even you as an affiliate, taking 60% from all the sales you generate, you can make a lot of money.

Right Click To Download the email sequence on the link below:

Lotto Secquence

Just make sure you will put your hoplink in the emails. :)


Step #5: Solo emails for general traffic...

Here are some tested solo emails you can use for broadcasting your lists. Again, make sure you introduce the hoplink in the body.

Right Click To Download the solo emails here:

Lotto Solo Emails


Step #6: Articles

- in the zip below you'll find 10 articles on keywords such as: lottery strategy, lotto tips, lottery pattern, lottery secret, lottery pros and cons. Choose what you like best and start promoting.

- you can use the articles for creating new landing pages, review pages or add them to ezine sites.

Right Click To Download All 10 Articles Here



Affiliate FAQ:

q: How much does the current top affiliate make?

a: We won't give you any specific name but we can say that they are making good money. Our top affiliates are making over $2k/day.

q: Do the top affiliate's use PPC?

a: NO. Google and the rest of the search engines don't allow ppc for "lottery" keywords. This is their policy... But it doesn't stop our affiliates making great money...

q: What is the conversion rate?

a: This varies a lot due to different traffic sources. The AVERAGE conversion rate depends pretty much on the traffic quality. Sometimes it is1:30. Some affiliates have a conversion rate of 1:10 where as others have a rate of 1:60. As we showed you on the previous page you can reach even $2.7 for each click you send.

q: What country are most sales from?

a: Most sales are from the USA. Other converting countries are CA, UK, AUS, NZ...and even EUROPE.

q: What product is selling in the back end?

a: We have a software that will be ready soon. Also very soon we'll instal an upsell.

q: Can I use parts of your web site in my web site or video?

a: Yes, you have permission to positively promote as a Clickbank affiliate by using parts of our web site.

q: How much affiliate support can you offer me?

a: I can offer as much support as possible. I try to respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours.

q: Would you like to do a JV?

a: Please send me as much information as possible so I can make my decision on your offer.

q: Can you give me anything else to help me sell

Yep! I'll keep you updated with the latest news about our offer via my newsletter. So stay tuned :)



Just let me know if you need anything else.

Good luck!

Paul Marino - Aff Manager